Community Council Vacancies

With the resignation at the last meeting of two long standing Community Councillors - Nick Margiotta and Peter Hales - there are now two seats to be filled.

The Community Council meets 9 times a year, on the last Tuesday of every month excepting the months of July, August and December.

The Community Council tries to represent the views of the community to Aberdeenshire Council on a wide range of issues including planning, transport infrastructure, recycling and waste management and schools and education. If you would like to help us in this valuable work then please get in touch with the secretary;

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Minute of Meeting held on Tuesday 29th May 2007

Present    Cllrs P.Hales, A Watt, A.Masson, W.Dargie, S.Hall, J.Marshall

Attending    Cllr G.Carr, Cllr W.Agnew, I.Gordon

Meeting chaired by    I Duncan

Minute of Meeting held on Tuesday 24th April 2007

Present    Cllrs N.Margiotta, J.Carr, J.Marshall, A.Watt, A.Masson, S.Hall

Attending    Cllr G.Swapp, George Carr representing Dunnottar Woods, Isobel Gordon

Meeting chaired by    I.Duncan

1) Apologies

W.Dargie, E.Booth

Council pays tribute to George Swapp

Anne Masson presents George Swapp with a picture of CatterlineCKDCC payed tribute to Councillor George Swapp on the occasion of his final meeting as Aberdeenshire Councillor for North Mearns. CKDCC Chairman Ian Duncan said "George’s conscientious attitude towards the community has earned him a great deal of respect and gratitude and he will leave a great void, difficult to fill and a challenge to the newcomers."

As a token of council's gratitude and in recognition of his 21 years of diligent service, Anne Masson presented George with an oil painting of Catterline on behalf of the community council.

George Carr was also presented with a pen in recognition of his enthusiatic and conscientious service as CKDCC secretary.

Minute of Annual General meeting held on 27th March 2007 (unapproved)

Present:- Cllrs., W Dargie, A Watt, I Duncan, J Marshall, A Masson, S Hall, P Hales

Attending:- Cllr George Swapp and  George Carr representing Dunnottar Woods and acting secretary.

Meeting chaired by John Carr

1.    Apologies

Edwin Booth