Community Council Project Grants

The Community Council has a small amount of money available to local community groups to help fund projects. To apply for funding, please either contact one of your community councilors or apply in writing to the secretary;

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Minute of meeting held on 30st January 2007

Present:- Cllrs. P Hales, W Dargie, A Watt, I Duncan, J Marshall, A Masson, J Carr

Attending:- Cllr George Swapp, Isobel Gordon.

Meeting chaired by John Carr

1. Apologies

N Margiotta, G Carr

Planning Applications Page

We've added a new feature to - an interactive planning applications page. A map of the area lets you see where all the recent planning applications are, and a simple click give you more information and a link to the plans on Aberdeenshire Council's planning website. The information is taken from the Weekly Lists published by Aberdeenshire Council. 

Minute of meeting held on 28th November 2006

Present :- Cllrs. J Marshall, A Masson, A Watt, N Margiotta

Meeting chaired by Stephen Hall

In attendance :-  Cllr George Swapp and George Carr representing Dunnottar Woods Association and acting temp. Secretary.

Minute of meeting held on 31st October 2006

Present:- Cllrs. S Hall, J Carr, A Watt, W Dargie, I.Duncan, P Hales     

Meeting Chaired by John Carr

In attendance :-  Cllr George Swapp. Hugh Gordon.