Minute of Meeting held on Tuesday 29 January 2008

The newly formed Catkins After School Club met with the community council to outline their plans for setting up an After School Club for Catterline and Kinneff. The lack of a good venue for the club was highlighted and, while Kinneff Hall will be used initially, it is hoped that in the long term more suitable place can be found or perhaps even built.

Arguments both in favour and against the proposed extension to the Cloak Caravan Park. Concerns about the increase in traffic and the provision of adequate screening were noted, as were the potential benefits to the local economy of an increase in tourism. The community council is keen that any potential traffic and screening issues should be effectively addressed.

Following prompting by Councillor George Carr, Aberdeenshire Roads and Infrastructure will be arranging an on site meeting with community council representatives so that local concerns about the hidden dangers on the A92 at Denhead can be properly explained, and the community council are optimistic that the refusal to put barriers there will be reviewed.

And finally - the community council welcomes Aberdeenshire's adoption of the national speed limit policy (which states that “the standard speed limit in villages should be 30 mph”), and will be renewing the call for the speed limit reduction in Roadside of Kinneff now that it falls within the definition of a village.
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