Public Meeting on "Stonehaven South"

Public Meeting on Stonehaven South.

Tuesday 14th October at 7.30pm in Catterline School.

All welcome.

Last Tuesday's general meeting was the first after the summer break, and was well attended. The Community Council were joined by several Aberdeenshire Councillors, and many issues that have come up over the summer months were discussed.

The application for three wind turbines at Hillhead of Auquhirie has been resubmitted, with slight modification to the location of two of the turbines, and the Environmental Impact Statement  has also been published. Aberdeenshire Council will be contacting anyone who commented on the previous application to inform them of the change and invite the submission of new comments, and the Community Council will be resubmitting their comments  to ensure that they are added to the new planning file.

Questions were again asked about the use of the "agricultural worker occupancy" rule to allow the building of new dwellings that would not otherwise have been permitted. Whilst the Community Council is generally predisposed in favour of new housing in the area, it is felt that the agricultural dwelling condition could be used as a loophole to circumvent proper planning scrutiny and are keen to see that any occupancy conditions are properly enforced.

The fitting of seatbelts in school buses was again discussed. The meeting heard from Councillors George Carr and Graeme Clarke on the work being done to try to resolve this very difficult issue and said that they hoped that some significant progress would be made in the near future.

A significant part of the meeting was devoted to discussing the  public consultation exercise being carried out by Bancon Development, Dunecht Estates and Stewart Milne into their "Stonehaven South" project. Given the size of this project proposal, which is entirely within the boundaries of the Community Council's area, it was decided to arrange a public meeting to focus solely on this issue and seek the views of the community. The developers will be invited to attend to give a presentation. The meeting will be held on Tuesday 14th October at 7.30pm in Catterline School.


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