Workgroup to Consider Local Development Plan

The Community Council meeting held on 27th January was very well attended, with many residents from Catterline coming along to find out more about the recents bids for inclusion in the Local Development Plan (LDP). The meeting heard that developers and landowners have submitted proposal for areas to be developed as part of the next LDP, and the Community Council's have now been asked to contribute any areas that they would like to be included, as well as those they wish to see protected. These suggestions, along with the developers' proposals, will be included in the Main Issues Report to be published in May, at which point there will be public consultation on the merits of all proposals.

It was agreed to set up a working group to discuss the LDP further. The first meeting of this group will be in the Creel Inn on Monday 2nd Feb at 8.00pm. All welcome.

Other issues discussed included the exercising of dogs on Catterline Playing Field. The secretary reported that the "no dogs" sign had been removed about 18 months ago when the fencearound the park had been replaced. The sign was not then reinstated as there is no bye law in effect that would prevent dog owners from exercising their dogs in the park. Nonetheless the Community Council noted the concern that many residents had of dogs being allowed to foul on the football pitches and running around close to the childrens' play park, and agreed to investigate other options including the possibility of erecting a new sign.

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