Chairman and Secretary to Step Down

The new Local Development Plan (LDP) continues to dominate the business of the Community Council. So far our attention has been mainly on Stonehaven South and bids around Catterline, but we are now starting to focus on Kinneff and a representative of Alexander Adamson Ltd will be present at the next meeting to discuss bid K116 (adjacent to Fawsyde).

The LDP has not completely taken over, however, and other serious issues such as potholes and the exercising of dogs in Catterline Playing Fields are still being discussed. The Annual Project Grant was also discussed at the last meeting, with the following awards being made;

● Kinneff School - £50
● Catterline School - £50
● Gardening Club - £50
● Kinneff Hall - £250
● Lunch Club - £50
● Catterline Harbour Trust - £50
● “Burns in the Mearns” - £30

The March meeting will be followed by the AGM. The three year terms of long serving stalwarts Anne Masson, Andrew Watt and Bill Dargie have come to an end, so their seats will be up for election. They are all expected to be standing for re-election. There is also one seat currently vacant in the parish of Dunnottar (which includes Braehead, East Newtonleys and the site of the proposed Stonehaven South development). Anyone interested in standing for election to CKDCC should, in the first instance, contact the secretary.

The currently serving Secretary (Stephen Hall) and Chair (Ian Duncan) will not be seeking re-election as office bearers at the AGM, so nominations for these posts will be required. Current Treasurer Jim Marshall will be standing for re-election.

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