Minute of Annual General meeting held on 28th March 2006

Present:- Cllrs. J Marshall, A Watt, A Masson, S Hall, N Margiotta,  W Dargie, I Duncan.

Meeting chaired by John Carr

In attendance :-  Cllr George Swapp and George Carr representing Dunnottar Woods Association and acting temp. secretary.

1.  Apologies

Cllr P Hales

2.  Minutes of last meeting approved by A Masson and N Margiotta

3.  Matters arising from last minutes.

•   There were none.
4.  Financial matters

Cllr Watt presented the balance sheet and accounts for the financial year (attached to minutes).

He intimated that our balance was  £365.95 in deposit account and £12.78 in the current account.

5.  Chairman’s Report 2005/6.

Chairman reported that 2005 had seen progress finally on the waste recycling point.

Problems continued with bins which were too small, no provision for plastic or cardboard and too much rubbish being dumped.

The controversial waste collection system was causing real inconvenience for residents and had to be classed as a backdoor cut to rural services.

The two wind farm applications had dominated business over  the past year. This had  required  a lot of thought and feedback to be discussed. Opinion was diverse in the area with no consensus.

Roads had deteriorated markedly over the last year with maintenance being less than acceptable. The snow clearing service was excellent however.

He had concerns about very few houses being built in our area and the subsequent effect on our schools.

The Community Council had worked well, carving up the project grant and bringing attention to Aberdeenshire Council, issues of concern.

6.   Election of Office Bearers

Chairman:-  John Carr   Prop Bill Dargie    Sec Nick Margiotta.
Vice Chairmen:-     Bill Dargie Prop John Carr  Sec Steve Hall
                                Stephen Hall  Prop Ian Duncan Sec Nick Margiotta
    Secretary:-         George Carr Prop Bill Dargie    Sec Nick Margiotta
    Treasurer:-         Andrew Watt Prop John Carr  Sec Bill Dargie

Secretary proposed bringing 2 members, 1 from 2004 and one from 2005 to join Andrew Watt for re-election rather than to have only one elected this year and 4 elected in the next 2 years. This proposal was seconded by Andrew Watt.

Andrew Watt, W Dargie and A Masson were elected to the Council Prop by George Carr, Seconded by Jim Marshall.

Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer said this would have  to be their last year as office bearers.

7   AOCB

The Chairman thanked Cllr George Swapp for his invaluable guidance and assistance over the year.

He thanked members for their very good attendance and George Carr for his efforts as Secretary.