Minute of Meeting held on Tuesday 29th November 2005

Present:- Cllrs. A. Watt, A Masson, J Carr, J Marshall., I Duncan, S Hall, N Margiotta, W Dargie. Meeting chaired by J Carr.

In attendance – Cllr George Swapp and  George Carr temp. secretary and representing Dunnottar Woods

1.    Apologies

Jim Marshall, Peter Hales.
2. Minutes of last meeting

Approved by A Masson  and  N Margiotta

3. Matters arising from last minutes.

The Chairman apologised for not inviting Craig White along to the  meeting. He will endeavour to get him along to the next meeting of the New Year.

4. Financial matters

Cllr. Watt stated we had received interest of £4.34, leaving a balance of £815.95.
He suggested we move £400 towards project grant.
He will instigate the payment for Xmas trees for the two primary schools.

5. Dunnottar Woods.

George Carr reported that a very successful tree planting exercise had taken place but sadly many of the tree protectors had been vandalised. The Open Meeting had taken place at St Leonards Hotel with a  talk by the Aberdeenshire Council Ranger being the main feature.

6.  Planning

D Meston                     North Croft of Chapleton           Dwelling House(reposition)

Revised plans have  been submitted on the St John’s Hill Wind farm. He main changes were to be 9 turbines instead of 10, a reduction from 2.5 mw turbines to 1.75 mw,  new site access, a re-positioning of the sub-station. Cllr Hall said that the information on the Aberdeenshire Council website is incorrect. He will enquire about this.
Cllr Swapp intimated that the progress would likely be slow due to staff changes. Peter Fraser from Aberdeenshire Council, and  SNH are considering the changes. There may be  a request for another public enquiry.

It was brought to the attention of the Council, that an appeal had been lodged against unauthorised development at East Mains of Barras steading conversion.

7. Notification of meetings and minutes    

Secretary read out a  letter from Aberdeenshire Council asking that agendas and  the constitutional guidelines for running a Community Council are adhered to.
Cllr Swapp had spoken to Willie Monroe confirming that the Council has always operated to a high standard.

8. Waste Recycling Point

At long last a recycling caravan will be sited at Catterline layby as a temporary measure. Secretary will write to Lorna Hogg, Aberdeenshire Council stating that a requirement is that a fence must be erected to protect the field from rubbish. He will also mention that it will need to be monitored to avoid travelling people discouraging its use were any of them to park up again.

More discussion took place regarding wheelie bins and particularly elderly people who live away from the pick up points. Cllr Swapp said that all such enquiries should be  taken up with the Council. He will report back on concerns relating to bins left beside main roads and liability were they to blow onto the roads, as he has written on behalf of I Bruce Newlands.

Looks like Drumoak and Laurencekirk are the nearest to recycle plastic bottles.

9.  Roads

  • Potholes were reported at Chapelton Cottage (since repaired)
  • Few cats eyes are left on the A92 coast road.
  • Subsidence was reported under the A92 at Gallaton and dips were getting worse.
  • Road up to Sandy Chalmers has a problem with water running off a field.

10. Project Grant

So far we have :-      
  • Kinneff Tea Urn
  • Catterline Community Garden
  • Toddlers Group
A decision will be made at the January meeting.

11. Correspondence  

  • Aberdeenshire Council – Special Budget briefing meeting.
  • Aberdeenshire Council – Mearns Area Committee minutes and  agendas.
  • Aberdeenshire Council – Channel 4s Big art project.
  • Aberdeenshire Council –  Forestry and Woodland strategy for Aberdeenshire
  • Aberdeenshire Council –  Response to letter on waste and recycling.
  • Aberdeenshire Council – Kincardine and  Mearns Community learning Partnership.
  • Aberdeenshire Council – Review of Community Planning.
  • Aberdeenshire Council – Aberdeenshire design awards 2005.
  • Aberdeenshire Council – Community Council Forum.
  • Aberdeenshire Council – Revenue Budget Overview.
  • Scottish Environment Link – Petition on 3rd party planning appeals.
  • Book on Common Good Land in Scotland.
  • Radioactive waste management discussion guide.
  • Community Councils Newsletter
  • Water Customer panel – meeting at Laurencekirk on 14th Dec 2005
  • SMP playground surfaces.

12. AOCB  

There was none

13. Date of  next meeting

Tuesday 31st Jan 2006 in Catterline Primary School