Minute of meeting held on 28th March 2006

Present:- Cllrs. J Marshall, A Watt, A Masson, S Hall, N Margiotta,  W Dargie, I Duncan.

Meeting chaired by John Carr

In attendance :-  Cllr George Swapp and George Carr representing Dunnottar Woods Association and acting temp. Secretary. Dave and Julia McCauley from the Old School house, Catterline

1.  Apologies

Cllr P Hales

2.  Minutes of last meeting approved by N Margiotta and S Hall
3.  Matters arising from last minutes.

•   Cllr Hall said he has a map now of the Community Council boundary which he obtained from Aberdeenshire Council although may be difficult to put on website due to copyright.

•   He added that the website is now up and running:- ckdcc.org.uk Individual e-mail addresses for members are available.

•   Cost is £56.38 for 2 years.

•   Cllr Hall was congratulated on his initiative.
4.  Financial matters


5.  Dunnottar Woods.

There was a meeting taking place  on Thursday. Cllr Swapp has been dating the B listed garden wall to around 1809/14.

6.   Planning

Scotia Homes        Inverbervie(Townhead area)  66 Houses
Mr & Mrs J Wood(& BW)       Lannitair, E Mains Barras   Alt and Ext Dwelling Ho.
C Manderson (BW)        Hawkhill, Catterline        Alt and Ext Dwelling Ho.
E & M Developments      Plot 3 Smiddy Park, Kinneff Erection Dwelling Ho.
D Ross      Muirton Barras      Erection store/workshop
D Howard        East Mains of Barras        Garage, House alterations.
Mr & Mrs D Begg     Gallaton Farm           Erection Dwelling Ho.
Mr Denis Thomson        Barras School Ho        Domestic Garden
Mr A Forster        Hillside Croft, Kinneff     Alt Ext to Dwelling Ho.
Mr & Mrs D Finlay       4 Braehead Cresc.       Ext to Dwelling Ho.
Mr Collier(BW)      99 Braehead Cresc.      Sun Lounge
Mr Sydenham(BW)     44 Braehead Cresc.      Rear Ext.
Mr & Mrs R Barnett      Cotbank Hilton, Catterline  Ext to Dwelling Ho.
Mr Edwin Booth      West Mains Barras       Ext to Dwelling Ho.

Cllr Swapp said he was still hoping to get a change of status to the Muirton of Barras unadopted road.

7   Recycling

On the recycling point at Catterline lay-by, the following points were noted:-

•   We still need bigger bins for general rubbish.
•   No facilities for plastic bottles or cardboard.
•   Bins need to be sited further back from the road.
•   Still need field screening.

Cllr Duncan asked what was  a temporary facility and when does it become permanent. What is the timetable for screening of the field and some trees etc.? When will cardboard and plastic bottle collections be introduced.?

Secretary to write to Lorna Hogg Aberdeenshire Council.

8   Roads

•   Roads requiring attention were:- Lampool/Barras junction and  West Newtonleys, between Westown and Fernibrae, Ditch below Cotbank of Barras is damaged, ditch is blocked at Barras smiddy

•   Water is running down from fields above Mill of Uras on landward side.

•   Concerns were expressed about the deceleration lane off A90 at Barras and at other junctions.

•   The siting of new crash barriers was also mentioned. Concern was expressed that known accident spots had been ignored and no known accidents had taken place at the current place of siting.

9   Wind Farms
•   Not much to report. Cllr Swapp intimated that the Garvock development had  been turned down  because of ridge development.

10  Correspondence
•   Aberdeenshire Council –  Local outdoor access forum.
•   Aberdeenshire Council – Mearns Area minutes.
•   Aberdeenshire Council – Community Engagement.
•   Aberdeenshire Council – K & D Drugs project.
•   Aberdeenshire Council – Local Community Health partnership
•   Aberdeenshire Council – Sports awards 2005.
•   Aberdeenshire Council – Muchalls Post Office Temporary closure.
•   Aberdeenshire Council  - Temorary road closure for Catterline Cartie Challenge.
•   Aberdeenshire Council – Planning board and Executive.
•   Aberdeenshire Council – Environmental impact of St John’s Hill wind farm submission.
•   Aberdeenshire Council – Survey of how good they are.
•   Aberdeenshire Council – Refuse collection and how to prevent household waste.
•   Aberdeenshire Sports Council – newsletter.
•   Kincardine & Mearns - Youth Work Partnership.
•   Kincardine & Mearns – Area minutes.
•   Kincardine & Mearns – Role of school nurse.
•   Kincardine & Mearns – Community Council forum.
•   Kincardine & Mearns – Community learning and development.
•   Scottish Executive – Age and experience consultation.
•   Scottish Executive – Western Peripheral road – 5 route options.
•   Scottish Executive –. Community Engagement.
•   Scottish Executive – Standing up to antisocial behaviour.
•   Scottish Executive – Community Councils fulfilling their role.
•   Scottish Executive – - Freedom of information act – consultation.
•   Scottish Water – updates on charges.
•   Nationwide awards for voluntary endeavour
•   Sir Robert Smith MP – Post offices.
•   Assn of Community Councils newsletter
•   Neighbourhood awards for Beautiful Scotland in bloom.
•   NHS 24 patient focus meetings.
•   NHS – Review of prescription charges.
•   Forestry Commission – consultation on forestry strategy.
•   The local channel – websites for Community Councils.
•   National Lottery – thinking big

11   AOCB

There was a discussion by Mr and Mrs McCauley on screening and proposed caravan site extension at Cloak, Catterline.

•   The existing extension was supposed to be screened off from the village as stipulated in 1999
•   A Camping and Caravan Club area is designated which allows for up to 5 mobile caravans for overnight stops.
•   Concerns were made about possible increased development beyond the pegged out area.
•   Cllr Swapp said no formal application had been lodged.
•   DEFRA outline the planning requirements on such proposals.
•   It is in a conservation zone.
•   Cllr Hall siad that signage for caravans would be desirable esp. with the tight corner at the Catterline bridge.
•   Mr and Mrs McAuley were advised to contact Mis McHattie, Aberdeenshire Council.

It was agreed to take a stall at the Catterline Gala as usual.

12  Date  of Next Meeting

Tuesday 25th April in Catterline Primary School @ 7.30pm.