Minute of meeting held on 25th April 2006

Present:- Cllrs. J Marshall, A Watt, A Masson, S Hall,  I Duncan

Meeting chaired by John Carr

In attendance :-  Cllr George Swapp and George Carr representing Dunnottar Woods Association and acting temp. Secretary.

1.  Apologies
         Cllr P Hales, Cllr W Dargie

2.  Minutes of last meeting approved by A Watt and A Masson

3.  Matters arising from last minutes.

  • Cllr Hall said that Mr McAuley had been informed the pro[posed caravan extension will not be going ahead.
  • Cllr Swapp had a letter from Mrs McHattie on the screening advised for the original application.
  • On the recycling point, the Chairman stated that  plastic bottles and cardboard are now included.

4.  Financial matters

£58.38 has been reimbused to Cllr Hall for the web site.
£18 paid out to Scottish Rights of Way society.
£475 is on its way from Aberdeenshire Council
£766.57 is the balance.

5.  Dunnottar Woods.

At the most recent meeting it was noted that the recent litter night had been well attended with the local Guides participating. Discussion had taken place on restoring the Garden Wall, and even forming a separate group to look at restoring the gardens to their former glory.

6.   Recycling

On the recycling point at Catterline lay-by, the following points were noted:-

  • The Chairman stated that the lay by has been fully occupied over the last 3 weeks by travelling people. One was being prosecuted for criminal damage at the Uras/Spurnal lay by.
  • Lorna Hogg, Aberdeenshire Council, deems the recycling point unsuitable in its present location and would like it at Kinneff Hall. This was ruled out by Cllrs Masson and Watt as they  don’t  want it in the Hall car park for reasons discussed in past.
  • Lorna Hogg has declared that it will not be a permanent facility despite her previous enthusiasm for the site.
  • She says the litter at the lay by is not from the recycling point.
  • The Community Council reiterated that the Catterline Lay by is central to the area, and it is  being well used.
  • Shrubs and plants would not be planted as they collect rubbish.
  • Cllr Masson has been observing the facility closely. Most of the recent problems have been with the travelling people and observing them cutting fence wiring etc. She had met with Arthur Ingram, AC Environmental Services, and had discussed the quality assurance scheme which the farm pays. She said the travelling people closed the lay-by at night with their vans being parked over the entrances. She also noted that they were not there to work on the bulbs as some had thought.
  • Cllr Swapp indicated that contrary to what Lorna Hogg says, Willie Monroe and environmental  services are looking at additional chain mail fencing for containment and protection of the field.
  • Secretary suggested a toilet be installed at the lay by, but Cllr Duncan thought that would  encourage them to stay longer.

7.  Planning

Mr J Will       Plot 3 Mill of Uras     Erection of Dwelling Ho.
Mr & Mrs D Finlay       4 Braehead Cresc        Ext to Dwelling Ho.
Mr Denis Thomson        Barras School Ho        Domestic Garden
Susan Galloway      3 West Mains Barras     Ext to Dwelling Ho.
Alexander Adamson       Hillhead Glaslaw        Additional Signage
Mr & Mrs Young      Hillhead Glaslaw Cottage    Alt/Ext to Dwelling Ho.
E & M Developments      Plot 3 Smiddy Park, Kinneff Erection Dwelling Ho.
D Howard        East Mains of Barras        Garage, House alterations.
Len Smith       Toucks              Garden Outbuildings
Mr & Mrs Kemp       3 Midtown Barras        Alt/Ext Dwelling Ho. Conservatory
Mrs Lorna Bates     Halymyres, Stonehaven   Indoor riding school & lights

Chairman also had a request from John Forbes asking if the Community Council had changed their views on the revised plans for Wind Farm at St John’s Hill. Points noted:-

  • The development hasn’t changed that much.
  • The switch house has moved to Leys of Barras involving more cabling to Fiddes.
  • Concerns still existed of visual impact from Catterline.
  • Broomfield Croft and Lewis Grassic Gibbon Centre were still unhappy.
  • Cllr Hall felt our original submission was comprehensive although Chairman intimated that John Forbes would have liked more emphasis made of the Community fund.

Cllrs present stated that their views were unchanged from the original submission.

Chairman to let John Forbes know, and for Secretary to inform Aberdeenshire council.

8.  Roads

  • Cllr Marshall stated that the roads were in an appalling state.
  • Toucks road had a particularly bad bit at present.
  • Nigel King, Lynns of Catterline said he was concerned about the speed of traffic coming into the village. He also pointed out that the fence above the bridge was leaning inwards, caused, he believes, by vehicles going on to the verge to avoid traffic coming in the opposite direction. Councillor Swapp added that he had recently received a letter requesting that the 20mph speed limit recently put in place by the school be extended to cover the entire village.

9.   Correspondence

  • Aberdeenshire Council –  Core Paths etc.
  • Aberdeenshire Council –  Stonehaven Community Development Group Minutes.
  • Kincardine & Mearns -  Learning Partnership Event – St Leonards Hotel, 28th April  Stonehaven.
  • Kincardine & Mearns – Community Council forum.
  • Kincardine & Mearns –  Impact of Community Councils in NE Scotland.
  • Kincardine & Mearns –  Area Committee Report.
  • Scottish Executive –  Paul Anderson, Community Outreach .15th May Meet MSPs
  • Scottish Executive – How we can help Community Councils fulfil their role.
  • Wickstead – Playground Equipment.
  • Calor – Scottish Community of the year 2006.
  • Scottish Consumer Council – asking for volunteers.
  • Catterline School Open day 23rd May. They are  inviting people for memorabilia etc.
  • Thanks from Diane Douglas, Kinneff Hall for £200 donation for Tea Urn etc.

10.   AOCB

  • Secretary and Cllr Hall had attended Aberdeenshire Council seminar on the new Public Hall and entertainment licences which were coming into force. All Halls and outside events will require to register with Aberdeenshire Council. £90 will be charged for a licence and Kinneff Village Hall and the Catterline Gala will be affected by this.
  • Cllr Watt intimated that the Catterline Harbour Trust would like to be included for a project grant in the next round of applications.

11. Date  of Next Meeting

Tuesday 30th May in Catterline Primary School @ 7.30pm.