Minute of meeting held on 30th May 2006

Present:- Cllrs. J Marshall, A Masson, S Hall,  I Duncan Cllr P Hales, Cllr W Dargie, N Margiotta

Meeting chaired by John Carr

In attendance :-  Cllr George Swapp and George Carr representing Dunnottar Woods Association and acting temp. Secretary.

Hugh Gordon, Isobel Gordon, D Ewan, Marjorie Stephen, Nesta Allen and Agnes Aitken, Mr Kemp.

1.  Apologies

A Watt

2.  Minutes of last meeting approved by S Hall and A Masson

3.  Matters arising from last minutes.

•   Cllr Swapp had not yet received  a response to his letter regarding a 20mph speed limit for Catterline village. He had suggested that the limit apply to West of village beyond the bridge.

•   Cllr Hall had conducted  a poll on the CC Website. 13 responses for to 2 against had supported a 20mph limit.

4.  Financial matters

No financial matters.

5.  Dunnottar Woods.

Top of the list of concerns at the moment were the traveler caravans situated at the Woods. A program of felling would be taking place  over the next winter.

6.   Recycling

Cllr Swapp said the Area Manager, Roads and waste management would each fund a protective fence for the site at one third of the cost each.

7.  Planning

A & C Watson        Glaslaw Farm            Erection Agr Building
A Chalmers      Burnside of Barras      Erection Agr. Building
Hugh Gordon     Clochnahill         4 Wind turbines
Auquhirie Land Co.      Hillhead Auquhirie      3 Wind Turbines
Robert Lindsay(BW)      Creel Inn           Storage area and spiral stair removd

Further discussion on wind farms took place especially with the most recent application by Auquhirie Land Co.

Hugh Gordon addressed the meeting outlining the fact that the second application was news to him, and the 2 applications were not connected. He intimated that the Auquhirie Land Co had submitted their application 2 weeks after purchasing the land.

The Community Council had received letters of objection from Agnes Aitken and Nesta Allan who objected to both applications.

Their main concerns were:-

•   The developments were domineering, insensitive and constituted sporadic development
•   Skyline development and impact on local dwellers and road users.
•   Environmental disfigurement and possible disruption to television reception.
•   Potential for increased noise levels and shadow flicker.
•   Detrimental to a quiet rural area.

They added on the Hillhead  of Auquhirie application that it had not been discussed with neighbouring landowners and they were concerned at the lack of courtesy.

•   They were concerned the company directors do not live within sight of the proposed development.
•   Expressed worries about gas pipelines.
•   The immediate proximity of the development to their homes.
•   Access.

Cllr Swapp intimated that he had received a letter of objection from Ian Bruce at Newlands, and Stonehaven, Arbuthnott and N Kincardine Community Councils were also discussing the applications.

Cllr Marshall said he was impressed by the Clochnahill application, in that they had been professional in how they had gone about their proposals, consulting and communication with the public from an early stage. He felt the Hillhead of Auquhirie application was rather cavalier in its approach. He presented a petition of 28 signatures he had collected against the proposals.

He also made the point that we are presented with 7 turbines here and 9 at Kinneff. How many more applications were to follow?
Cllr Duncan questioned whether there was a  wind farm strategy in Aberdeenshire Council.

Cllrs Swapp said that the most effective way for people to register their objections was to write directly to Bruce Strachan at the planning department at Viewmount. He suggested that people do this as soon as possible, although there was no cut off date  at present.

He said the consultation phase will take  some time as there are  around 20 consultees to be informed. The one at St John’s Hill should be completing this phase around the end of June.

He praised Hugh and Isobel Gordon for their open and informative presentations and did feel the Hill of Auquhirie application had come “out of the blue” and was sketchy without an environmental assessment having been undertaken. This view was backed up by Cllr Hales.

Cllr Swapp highlighted ridge development and proximity to houses as being the major factors being taken into consideration when such applications were being assessed.

He added that there was a  real possibility that all the applications in the area  could be called in considering how many applications there currently are on the table.

Chairman suggested that objectors submit their letters directly  to Aberdeenshire Council, and that the Community Council gauge public opinion. The Community Council will feedback on both developments assessing local opinion and the impact on the area of the 2 applications.

A separate closed meeting will be held to allow Cllrs to voice their views as was done before.

8.  Roads

•   The lay-by above Catterline had had 2 loads of Council chippings dumped into it such that lorries couldn’t get in and were having to reverse back into the main road. Cllr Swapp will report.
•   Cllr Dargie said that the Kinneff housing estate road is deteriorating.
•   It was noted that road repairs were taking place at last on the worst areas of the side  roads.

9.   Correspondence

•   Aberdeenshire Council –  Kincardine and Mearns Community Learning Partnership.
•   Aberdeenshire Council –  Community Council Budget 2006/7
•   Kincardine & Mearns – Community Council forum minutes.
•   Kincardine & Mearns –  Area Committee Report.
•   Kincardine & Mearns – Bus forum.
•   Kincardine  and Deeside Voice
•   Scottish Executive –  Standing up to antisocial behaviour scheme
•   Scottish Health Council News.
•   Leaflet on the new road layout proposed for Portlethen.
•   Postwatch Scotland Newsletter
•   Charter 88 Newsletter.
•   Sustainable Communities Bill.
•   Local Government Boundary Commission, Scotland.

10.   AOCB

•   Cllr Swapp reminded the Council of  our view expressed at previous meetings advocating a more relaxed policy relating to houses in the countryside. He suggested we write  to Aberdeenshire Council with our views, esp with the tight settlement boundaries for Catterline and Kinneff and the consequent effect on the school roles if we don’t have  a vibrant community. Other facilities  affected by housing are  the village shop, Post Office, bus routes and the churches.
We will discuss this further at the next meeting.

•   The Council will run a stall at the Catterline Gala. Peter Hales will put together a static display.

11. Date  of Next Meeting

Tuesday 27th June in Catterline Primary School @ 7.30pm.