Minute of meeting held on 27th June 2006

Present:- Cllrs. J Marshall, A Masson, S Hall,  Cllr W Dargie 

Meeting chaired by John Carr

In attendance :-  Cllr George Swapp and George Carr representing Dunnottar Woods Association and acting temp. Secretary.

Isobel Gordon and  Nesta Allen in attendance.

1.    Apologies

A Watt

2.    Minutes of last meeting approved by S Hall and W Dargie

3.    Matters arising from last minutes.

4.    Financial matters


5. Dunnottar Woods. 

No report as a meeting taking place  on Thursday.

6. Discussion on rural housing

This discussion was postponed until more members were present.

7. Planning

  • J Forbes        Harbourshields        Conversion of mill to Dwell Ho
  • Mr & Mrs MacLeod        Bruckleywaird Farmhouse    Alt and Ext to Dwell. Ho. and listed building consent
  • Mr L Souter        Cloak, Catterline        Erection Dwelling Ho.
  • I Rennie(Building Warrant)        Markell Ho. Catterline    Alteration of drainage line.
  • Mr A Foster(BW)        Hillside Croft, Kinneff    Bedroom and sun lounge ext.

Discussion took place  regarding the application at Cloak. 4 dwellings exist at present and 5 would be the maximum. It might be out-with development plan and in a  conservation area. Members felt it was ok being single story bungalow.

Some recent developments in the area were questioned and there was a view they were not sympathetic to the Conservation nature of  our landscape.

Further discussion on wind farms took place especially with the most recent application by Auquhirie Land Co.

Stonehaven Community Council had come out in favour of the Clochnahill development, but against Hillhead of Auquhirie. There may be a  possible public meeting on this towards end August.

It was suggested by the Chairman that we have a site visit to both new applications for Community Councillors. This was arranged for Tuesday 25th July. Secretary will liaise  with both developers to arrange timings etc.

The Community Council will hold a  private meeting after the site visits.

A website forum was discussed as a means of gauging local opinion. Cllr Swapp thought this a useful idea to encourage as many locals as possible to contribute to the debate.

Cllr Hall hoped the Stonehaven open meeting would be constructive and informative.

8. Roads

  • Repairs to roads are  currently taking place and were welcomed by the Community Council.
  • Cllr Masson said a lorry got stuck on the Catterline bridge and thought we might ask for  a sign to be erected warning about the unsuitability of the road for long vehicles. Secretary will write.
  • Road gullys at Kinneff are needing cleaned again.

9. Correspondence

  • Aberdeenshire Council –  Local Transport strategy 2006/9.
  • Aberdeenshire Council –  Road Closure at Middle Toucks.
  • Aberdeenshire Council – Planning application for 3 Wind Turbines at Hillhead of Auquhirie.
  • Aberdeenshire Council – Model standing orders for Community Councils
  • Aberdeenshire Council – Scheme for the establishment of Community Councils
  • Kincardine & Mearns –  Area Minutes
  • Kincardine & Mearns –  Community Council forum minutes.
  • Kincardine & Mearns –  Community Learning partnership meeting June 14th.
  • Jacobs Babtie – Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route.
  • Stonehaven and District Community Development meeting – 7th June
  • Calor gas awards – extension of deadline for applications.
  • Grampian Joint Police Board – scheme for visiting people in police custody.
  • Banff and Buchan Arts forum – Art in the environment.
  • Sir Robert Smith MP – paying TV licenses out-with Post Offices.
  • NHS Consultation
  • Street football tournament – 5th July.

10.   AOCB

  • Cllr Swapp said progress had been made on improvements to the recycling point. The contract was pending for the fence, and agreement had  been made  on the specifications of the chain mail fence.
  • Requests were made  for cardboard bin to be provided. Cllr Swap will raise  this.
  • Chairman said that dumping was still occurring.
  • Cllr Masson was relieved to hear the fence was being constructed as her turnip field had been providing relief to members of the public. She was looking forward to a bumper crop!
  • Chairman thanked those who had supported and organised  the Catterline Gala. He thanked  Cllr Hales for his Community Council stand which had  been well attended.

11. Date  of Next Meeting

Tuesday 26th Sept in Catterline Primary School @ 7.30pm.