Minute of meeting held on 26th September 2006

Present:- Cllrs. J Marshall, A Masson, S Hall, W Dargie, I Duncan, A Watt
Meeting chaired by John Carr

In attendance :-  Cllr George Swapp and George Carr representing Dunnottar Woods Association and acting temp. Secretary. Isobel Gordon and  Nesta Allen in attendance.

1. Apologies

P Hales

2. Minutes of last meeting approved by S Hall and J Marshall

3. Matters arising from last minutes.

  • Cllr Swapp said the chain mail fence was now in place and all concerned said it was looking good.

4. Financial matters

£475 Administration grant has been banked.

£  18 has been paid to Rights of Way Society.

£  56 was paid to Cllr Hall to set up Website.

£766.57 was balance in the bank

5. Dunnottar Woods. 

George Carr said that they will meet on Thursday. Work Parties have  been working n the woods on specific Saturdays over the summer. Vandalism has been an ongoing problem. Cllr Swapp said he had written to one of the NE MSPs regarding the Durris Forestry HQ closure. He thought it was important to retain a base there to back up our local Community Woodlands.

6. Discussion on rural housing

Discussion took place  on rural housing.

Chairman thought we had 2 areas of concern:-

  1.  Sustaining local services and infrastructure, schools, shops etc.
  2. Types of development passed recently which were unsympathetic to the conservation nature  of the community.

Under 1) members felt they would like some moderate expansion of the villages – Catterline and Kinneff as well as some development in the Countryside, not just steading conversions which were considered a useful purpose to put derelict farm buildings, but needed to be balanced with affordable housing too.

We needed to enable people working in the area to live here, and also for people to retire or “downsize” their housing requirements.

Cllr Swapp said the local plan had been approved suggesting no substantive development in our area at present. The plan will be in force for the next 5 years. Kinneff was singled out for an additional 17 houses, but this had been turned down by SEPA.

Kinneff was considered appropriate for more housing because of road access, shop, church, school etc.

Under 2) Cllr Swapp intimated that former planning regulations on height, footprint etc had now all gone. He had in his possession the current Scottish Exec. Leaflet detailing plans to relax somewhat, development in the countryside.

Members questioned the point in the planning department now and expressed concerns that inconsistencies in decision making and unfairness could increase. Cllr Duncan referred to Norway as having a  relaxed attitude to house design resulting in variety of house design, but they were all of  a similar size. Chairman thought that current rules were being exploited by some, and 2 developments in the Catterline area were highlighted as out of character by Council members.

Secretary will write  to Aberdeenshire Council expressing our view that we favour some development of our villages. We also welcome some development in our rural area and particularly affordable housing which will tend to attract younger families to help sustain our services. We stress the need for our sewage systems to be urgently upgraded to facilitate development. Guidance needs to be sought as to what the Conservation status of Catterline now means and what sort of development is envisaged by the Council. We also express the view that several developments in our area have motivated members of the public to register their dislike to Community Councillors. They view these buildings as unsympathetic to the area, out of scale, skyline development, unattractive and inconsistent with what most residents deem appropriate in a conservation area.

7. Planning

Chairman announced that at the recent meeting to discuss the 2 recent windfarm applications, the Community Council voted 7:2 in favour of the Clochnahill development and were unanimous in rejecting the Hillhead of Auquhirie development.

Isobel commented that the Hillhead of Auquhirie application would constitute cumulative development if granted permission alongside their proposal.

Mr Walker/Miss S Jones        5 Burnside, Catterline        Alt/Ext to Dwelling Ho./Garage

Mr Mrs Hirst        Beechbrook, Kinneff        Alt/Ext to Dwelling Ho.

D & E Begg(BW)        Upper Criggie            Erection of Agricultural shed.

Bancon Developments        E Newtonleys            Supermarket, Petrol station.

Mrs Julia Macaulay        The Old Schoolho. Catterline Alt/Ext to Dwelling Ho.

Mr & Mrs T Fulton        Chapelton Cottages        Domestic garden, stables, equestrian                    exercise area.

Mr & Mrs C Manderson        Hawkhill, Catterline        Ext to Dwelling Ho.

Mr & Mrs Irving        2 Trelong Row, Catterline    Alt/Ext to Dwelling Ho.

Stewart Milne Homes        Braehead            Erection of 34 Dwelling Houses.

Of Interest:-

MacPhee, Glenbervie                        3 Wind Turbines, transformer/access

Cllr Swapp  intimated that Aberdeenshire Councillors will be holding a  site visit to St John’s Hill. The wind farm will then be considered during October. He asked if the Community Council view had changed in any way on this application. It hadn’t.

8. Roads

  • Secretary received a letter back from Aberdeenshire Council on signage relating to the narrowness of Catterline bridge. Our comments have  been noted.
  • Concerns over the barriers at Den of Catterline were made following another spate  of accidents. It was thought that work done on barriers was to be welcomed, but questions were raised about whether they were installed at the right places.
  • Pot holes at Toucks will be repaired and resurfacing undertaken.
  • Cllr Swapp said that the flooding above Mill of Uras had been inspected and will be monitored.

9. Correspondence

  • Aberdeenshire Council –  Community Planning Board – meeting on 5th September.
  • Aberdeenshire Council –  Stonehaven & District Community Development Group meeting 18 Oct
  • Aberdeenshire Council – Exhibition – Belonging to Stonehaven project.
  • Aberdeenshire Council – Plants for the Community.
  • Aberdeenshire Council – Annual Public Performance  Report 2004-2005
  • Aberdeenshire Council – Strategic Development Plan for Aberdeen City and Shire – Wed 11th Oct, St Leonards, Stonehaven at 7pm.
  • Aberdeenshire Council – Training Opportunities on Public Safety for events organisers in Aberdeenshire
  • Kincardine & Mearns –  Area Minutes
  • Kincardine & Mearns –  Community Council forum minutes and agenda for Thursday 28th Sept 2006 and draft constitution.
  • Kincardine & Mearns –  Community Learning partnership meeting June 14th minutes.
  • Association of Community Councils – draft constitution & AGM – 14th Oct at Stirling.
  • Planning Workshop – Sat 28th Oct at Tarland Hall.
  • Forestry Commission  - New Planting and Felling applications.
  • Sir Robert Smith MP – surgeries.
  • NHS Consultation
  • Playground equipment.
  • East Grampian Coastal partnership.
  • Aberdeenshire Sports Council – and courses on coaching.
  • Health in later life.
  • SNP Policy ideas.
  • Fire Brigades Union – Fire and rescue consultation.
  • Northern Lights tourism awards 2006
  • Mearns FM AGM – 17th August.
  • Scot Exec - Future  Developments for Scotland 2008 – 2020
  • Scot Exec – Scottish Parliamentary Regions and Constituencies.
  • Scot Exec – 2006 Scottish awards for quality in planning :- Community involvement award.
  • Grampian Fire Brigade – Risk Action Management Plan 2006/7
  • Transco Pipeline -  acquisition of land at Clochnahill, Stonehaven.
10.   AOCB
  • Cllr Duncan drew attention to the security of the building during meetings. It was decided to hold meetings nearer the door into the corridor so anyone entering the building would be heard. The door will be locked after the meetings have begun and late entrants can knock on the window.

11. Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday 31st October 2006  in Catterline Primary School @ 7.30pm.