Minute of meeting held on 27th February 2007

Present:- Cllrs., W Dargie, A Watt, I Duncan, J Marshall, A Masson, J Carr, S Hall

Attending:- Edwin Booth,  Isobel Gordon, George Carr representing Dunnottar Woods and acting secretary

Meeting chaired by John Carr

1.    Apologies

P Hales,  Cllr George Swapp

2.    Minutes of last meeting approved by I Duncan and A Watt

Amend “work has now started  at East Mains Barras” under planning.    

3.    Matters arising from last minutes.

  • 50mph sign at Kinneff still damaged. Mark Skilling is aware.
  • Ann Masson had contacted Arthur Ingram about the damaged cabinet in Catterline lay-by. He came out and inspected it and the Council sent a van out, but she thinks the cabinet has just been replaced.

4.    Financial matters & Project Grant

Cllr Watt had transferred £300 to the current account for project grants.

Applications had been received from:-

Catterline Community Garden - Awarded £25

Catkins football team - Awarded £25

Catterline Toddlers (Catherine Williams) outdoor shed - Awarded £50

Kinneff Bowlers for new equipment valued at £100(Alan Watt)  - Awarded £50

Kinneff Hall (Diane Douglas) - Awarded £150

5.    Planning matters

Planning Applications

 B & M ScotlandTrelong Row Catterline3 new houses APP/2006/4742
Mr & Mrs Saunders
Scyth View, Catterline
Alt & Ext to dwelling ho. APP/2007/0320
Mr & Mrs D Glennie
Upper Westown Cottage
Extension to dwelling house and change of Agricultural use
Mr & Mrs Lerche
Upper Westown Farmhouse
Alt and ext to dwelling ho

Building Warrants


Peterkin Homes
Plot 3, Newmill Farm Steading, Carmont Station
D Paton
Woodside of Glaslaw

  • A discussion ensued on the proposal for a Supermarket, Petrol station and associated site works at East Newtonleys.
  • The Council was minded unanimously to approve the development of  a Supermarket at this location, as they felt it would be more accessible to the southernmost coastal communities and was the most favourable site from others being considered around Stonehaven.
  • They expressed reservations however about the need for a petrol station and thought that it would be detrimental to existing businesses who served the town, not only with Petrol but other goods.
  • Screening from light was considered vital considering it’s location adjacent to Dunnottar Woods, and possible associated litter.
  • Secretary would write to Council with our views.
6.    Dunnottar Woods.

The Committee were preparing for summer thinning of the Woods which would be fairly extensive. A tree marking exercise, website and packs for schools was being prepared with money which has been made available to the Woods.

7.    Roads

It was noted that the roads in the area are in a poor state of repair.
Potholes were noted at Lampool/Dunnottar Y junction, North Chapelton, Mitton of Barras, Castleton of Fiddes and Upper Westown, foot of Catterline brae below school, Thriepland passing place, and concern was expressed about the road fence below Braehead and Stonehaven as a car had recently gone through the dilapidated fence.

Concern and frustration was expressed at the unsatisfactory patching currently being undertaken which was far too temporary!
Secretary will write  to Council.

Cllr Hall will write  to NESCAM regarding possible speed camera monitoring of the A92 at Roadside  of Catterline where traffic was deemed to be speeding.

8.    Correspondence

  • Kincardine & Mearns Area Committee – Minutes of meetings
  • Kincardine & Mearns – Community Council Forum minutes.
  • Aberdeenshire Council – Aberdeen City and Shire Structure plan.
  • Aberdeenshire Council –  Invitation to reply regarding single wind turbine at Herscha Hill, Auchenblae.
  • Aberdeenshire Council – Community Development Groups
  • Aberdeenshire Local Outdoor Access Forum – Monday 5th March @ Thainstone.
  • Grampian Fire and Rescue Service.
  • Aberdeenshire Sports Council
  • Aberdeenshire Sports Awards 2006
  • Aberdeenshire Signposting Project – volunteers for staffing GP surgeries.
  • Wickstead play equipment.

9.      AOCB

  • Cllr Hall asked about the community notice board at Catterline School. Secretary to try to get some pointers on ownership as the legs are rusting badly.
  • Edwin Booth expressed an interest in joining the Council. All serving Cllrs are prepared to continue. Our Constitution however says we can have a min of 9 members(specified to represent areas) and a max of 12. This was agreed and a nomination form was issued.

10.    Date  of Next Meeting

Tuesday 27th March 2007  in Catterline Primary School at 7.30pm.