Minute of meeting held on 27th March 2007

Present:- Cllrs., W Dargie, A Watt, I Duncan, J Marshall, A Masson, S Hall, P Hales,  

Attending:- Cllr George Swapp and  George Carr representing Dunnottar Woods and acting secretary.
Meeting chaired by John Carr

1. Apologies

Edwin Booth

2.    Minutes of last meeting

Approved by S Hall and B Dargie

3.    Matters arising from last minutes

  • 50mph sign at Kinneff still damaged. Mark Skilling is aware.
  • Secretary had written to Mark Skilling saying we would take  up the Council offer to see the Roadside  of Catterline bus stop illuminated.

4.    Financial matters & Project Grant

Financial Report deferred to AGM.

5. Planning matters

Planning Applications

 Hugh Gordon Clochnahill Farm

 Retain wind anemometer


 Mr Stephen Johnson Coastguard Cottages
 Alt to dwelling ho.

Building Warrants

 Brydens Ltd Green Den, Dunnottar Internal alterations
 Mr Baxter Plot 1 Mill of Uras Erection of dwelling Ho.



  • The three houses behind Trelong Row in Catterline had been turned down.
  • The Clochnahill Windfarm was reluctantly turned down by Cllrs as this application had drawn few objections. The fact it was turned down will speed up the appeal process involving BAA who changed their criteria for windfarms within a set distance  from the airport at Dyce. This will also affect the Meikle Carew application.
  • Mr Cleaver (Cruachan, Cotbank of Hilton) had withdrawn his application.

6. Dunnottar Woods

The litter evening will be on Tuesday 17th April meeting at the Garden Centre at 7pm.

7. Roads

It was noted that the roads in the area are in a poor state of repair.
Potholes were noted at;

  • Lampool/Dunnottar Y junction, Kinneff village
  • Catterline Road in front of Burnside,  and at the foot of the school brae
  • Mitton of Barras road.
8. Correspondence
  • Martin Steed on behalf of Catterline Harbour Trust had applied for a project grant, but had  missed the meeting.
  • Kincardine & Mearns Area Committee – Minutes of meetings
  • Kincardine & Mearns – Area Partnership – AGM and application for membership and leaflet.
  • Aberdeenshire Council – Mark Skilling – response to letter on road defects.
  • Aberdeenshire Council –  Temporary road closure for Catterline cartie race 10th June 2007.
  • Aberdeenshire Council –  Arlene Henderson –response to letter on supermarket and petrol station.
  • Aberdeenshire Council – licensing boards draft disability scheme and action plan.
  • The Nationwide Awards for Voluntary Endeavour.
  • Scottish Exec -  Modernising the planning service
  • Scottish Exec -  Planning reform and community engagement.
  • Scottish Exec -  Report on how good the Parliament is.

A candidate for the Community Planning Exec was sought. Secretary to vote for the closest representative to ourselves – John Hopkins, Crathes, Drumoak and Durris CC

9.   AOCB

  • Cllr Dargie brought up the issue of the Travelling People who have taken up residence in both Catterline lay bys.
  • Cllr Masson was anxious to make sure Aberdeenshire Council were monitoring the situation.
  • Cllr Swapp confirmed that no children signed up to attend the local schools.
  • Secretary was asked to write  to Willie Munroe about the fact that the lay by and recycling area was unusable by the general public at present.
  • Cllr Hall said the community notice board at Catterline School was now in an even more dangerous state.  Secretary was still awaiting a  response from Aberdeenshire Council.

10. Date  of Next Meeting

Tuesday 24th April 2007  in Catterline Primary School @ 7.30pm.