Minute of Annual General meeting held on 27th March 2007 (unapproved)

Present:- Cllrs., W Dargie, A Watt, I Duncan, J Marshall, A Masson, S Hall, P Hales

Attending:- Cllr George Swapp and  George Carr representing Dunnottar Woods and acting secretary.

Meeting chaired by John Carr

1.    Apologies

Edwin Booth

2.    Minutes of last meeting.

Approved by J Marshall and W Dargie

3.    Matters arising from last minutes.

There were none.
4.    Financial matters

Cllr Watt presented the balance sheet and accounts for the financial year (attached to minutes).

He intimated that our balance was £408.61 in deposit account and £12.78 in the current account.

5.    Chairman's Report 2006/7.

Retiring Chairman John Carr said that the last year had been a busy one with two wind farm planning applications coming before the Council for consideration, which necessitated extra meetings and a site visit for members to determine the merit of each scheme. The Council interactive website had also been completed due to the efforts of Stephen Hall who had it linked to the Catterline Community site. This enabled more members of the public to express their views on issues and contribute to decision making. The recycling point was now well established although was inaccessible to the public when the lay by is taken over by Travelling People on occasion. Support had been given to Kinneff Hall, Kinneff bowlers,  Catterline toddlers, Catkins football team and the Cattterline Community garden through the annual project grant. The Community Council also gave a contribution to the purchase of  a Xmas tree to both Catterline and Kinneff Primary School each year.

Roads had deteriorated markedly over the last year with maintenance being less than acceptable.

Andrew Watt had served 15 years as Treasurer and was thanked for his efforts over the years as was retiring Secretary George Carr who had anchored the post for the last 10 years. John Carr has also served various spells as Chairman in recent years  and was thanked for his stewardship. All will continue to serve on the Council.

The Community Council had worked well, carving up the project grant and bringing issues of concern to the attention of Aberdeenshire Council,.

6.     Election of Office Bearers

Ian Duncan
Prop John Carr 
Sec Stephen Hall
Vice ChairmanBill DargieProp Andrew WattSec Peter Hales
SecretaryStephen Hall
Prop George Carr
Sec Peter Hales
Jim Marshall 
Prop Ian Duncan
Sec Ann Masson

John Carr, Peter Hales and Nick Margiotta were all elected to the Council along with new member Edwin Booth.


A special vote of thanks and appreciation was expressed to retiring Chairman John Carr,  and also to  Aberdeenshire  Councillor George Swapp for his diligent attendance at almost every meeting of the Council and for following up the concerns of  members.

The Chairman thanked all Councillors for their regular attendance and support over the last year.