Minute of Meeting held on Tuesday 29th May 2007

Present    Cllrs P.Hales, A Watt, A.Masson, W.Dargie, S.Hall, J.Marshall

Attending    Cllr G.Carr, Cllr W.Agnew, I.Gordon

Meeting chaired by    I Duncan

1) Apologies

J.Carr, E.Booth

2) Minutes of last meeting

Approved by A.Watt and A.Masson

3) Matters arising from minutes

Representations made at KMAC meeting regarding the St John’s Hill Wind Farm on 10th October 2006.

A question had been asked at the previous meeting regarding the capacity in which Cllr Duncan had addressed the KMAC meeting on 10th October 2006 regarding the St John’s Hill wind farm application. Relevant extracts from the minutes were read, but it merely stated that Cllr Duncan addressed the meeting and offered no further details.

An email from Cllr Duncan, quoting from his own notes for addressing the KMAC meeting, stated;

“I did open the presentation with my name, address and location to the windfarm and stated that I was a community councillor.

Ref: Planning Application by St John’s Hill Ltd. for a wind farm development on St John’s Hill and the Chapel of Barras Hill.

I am speaking on behalf of one hundred and fourteen residents living in Barras West of the proposed development who will have no option but look into these turbines due to the setting of their homes. Many of these people feel frustrated and disillusioned by the developer not fully explaining the development by modelling or forwarding photomontages of the view from their homes.”

I Gordon, who was also present at the KMAC meeting, disagreed with this and stated that she and others had formed the view the Cllr Duncan was not speaking on behalf of local residents but as a representative of CKDCC.

Cllr Agnew stated she had no recollection.

Cllr Duncan restated that he was speaking as a Community Councillor for Barras and on behalf of the Barras residents who objected to the proposal, but not as a representative of the Community Council as a whole.

Catterline School Notice Board

Progress has been made on repairs to the notice board outside Catterline School. Cllr Hall spoke to Hazel Hall at Aberdeenshire Council and she has agreed that the council will undertake the repairs.

4) Financial matters

Deposit account - £408.61
Current account - £12.78

5) Dunnottar Woods

Cllr Carr reported that there was to be a clean out around icehouse. There will be some tree thinning in summer, which will be done by hand, rather than heavy machinery.

6) Proposed Boundary Changes

The meeting heard of the proposal from Councillor Peter Bellarby that Community Council boundaries be re-aligned to match the new electoral ward boundaries, with Dunnottar being subsumed into Stonehaven District Community Council’s area. The mooted reasons for this are the advent of multi-member wards and the fact that the Braehead Crescent estate does not lie within SDCC’s boundaries.

Discussion ensued, and there was unanimous and strong objection to any changes. Realignment of the community council boundaries with the electoral wards would mean the whole of Dunnottar parish, a substantial part of CKDCC’s area, being subsumed into SDCC. This is wholly unacceptable to the members of CKDCC, who believe that this largely rural area is better served by the existing arrangements than it would be if it became part of SDCC responsibilities.

7) Planning

Planning Applications

 Mr & Mrs A IrvineLand at
Mill of Barras
AB39 2UB
Full Planning Permission for Erection of Dwellinghouse
 Fiona  HirstBeechbrook
DD10 0TA
Full Planning Permission for Erection of Stables (Private Use)
 Mr & Mrs ArterBellfield Croft
DD10 0TQ
Full Planning Permission for Alterations and Extension to Dwellinghouse
 Northern Lighthouse BoardLighthouse
DD10 0YH
Listed Building Consent for Removal of Optic System Including Machine Case with Clockwork Mechanism and Modern Twin Motor Drive Bearing and 1st Order Dioptric Lense

Building Warrants

 Mrs J MacAulayThe Old School
Alterations of existing extension and alterations to Old School


No objections were raised to any of the above, but questions were asked about the plans for Todhead Lighthouse. At the time of the meeting these were not available on the Aberdeenshire Council planning web site. Secretary to write and request more information.

Cllr Hall reported that several people had commented on the chimney that has been built at Hawkhill (formerly Markell House). This does not appear to be on any of the approved plans. Secretary to write to Planning Dept to ask if the information on the web site is correct.

St John’s Hill Appeal

Cllrs J Carr, I Duncan and E Booth attended the pre-inquiry meeting.

The hearing is to be held from 1st-5th October 2007 at an as yet undecided venue.  CKDCC does not intend to add to the submission already made in response to the original planning application and will make no representations at the Public Inquiry.

8) Roads

It was noted that the roads in the area are in a poor state of repair. Specific items included;

  • Potholes were noted at Lampool/Dunnottar Y junction
  • Many pot hole in Kinneff village
  • Catterline Road in front of Burnside, and at the foot of the school brae.
  • Mitton of Barras road.
  • 2 potholes at Mains of Catterline
  • Fly tipping at old quarry near Bellfield and Brigstanes.
  • Pothole on Criggie road.
  • Fence on Burnside, Catterline
  • Keep Clear markings by Catterline Pier
  • Abandoned car at Lampool junction. Red Escort. Windows smashed and radio gone. Been there for ~ four weeks.  GC to notify Police.
  • Kerry Begg , Gallaton, suggested that a “Keep Left” reminder sign at Dunnottar would be of benefit  for tourists and a sensible safety precaution. CKDCC endorsed this and will write to Mark Skilling for consideration.

9) Correspondence

  • William Munro re: Co-option of young people
  • Scottish Executive Inquiry Reporters Unit re: Pre-inquiry meeting for St John’s Hill Wind Farm
  • Minutes and Agenda for Community Council Forum 31st May (email)
  • David Fleming re: Boundaries (email)
  • William Munro re: Boundaries (email)
  • Letter of thanks from Kinneff Hall for project grant
  • Letter of thanks from George Swapp
  • Cllr Margiotta – resignation from community council because he is moving away from the area. (email)

10) Any Other Business

  • Can picnic table by recycling bins be moved away from the recycling bins (or move the bins).
  • Part of wooden fence between southern end of lay-by at Roadside of Kinneff and the field behind has disappeared.
  • Cllr Hales announced that work commitments meant that he would no longer be able to attend CKDCC meetings and he would therefore need to stand down from the community council. Both his and Cllr Margiotta’s positions are to be advertised on the web site and in the Mearns Leader.
  • Cllr Watt asked for sign on Braeside, Catterline, to direct traffic looking for Coastguard Buildings, as it is difficult to find for those unfamiliar with the area. Secretary to write to Mark Skilling.
  • Drain in Kinneff by hall not taking water. W.Dargie to investigate. 
  • Poor state of repair of fence around playing field. Write to Doug Alan, Viewmount. Landscape services.
  • Cllr Hall extended an invitation to CKDCC from the Catterline Gala Committee to have a stall at this year’s Catterline Gala. Cllr Hales agreed to make the necessary arrangements.

11) Date of  Next Meeting

Tuesday 26th June 2007