Minute of Meeting held on Tuesday 26th June 2007

Present    Cllrs J Carr, A Watt, J Carr, J Marshall, A Masson, W Dargie, S Hall

Attending    Cllr G Carr, Cllr W Agnew

Meeting chaired by    Cllr I Duncan

1) Apologies

Edwin Booth

2) Minutes of last meeting

Approved J Carr and J Marshall.

3) Matters arising from minutes

  • Cllr George Carr re-iterated his point made at the previous meeting that  any boundary changes would have an impact on Community Council finances as there is a population element in the calculation of the Project Grant. Cllr Agnew reported that the boundary changes had been discussed again at the most recent Area Committee meeting and she had reiterated the Community Council’s opposition.
  • Car at Lampool junction has now gone.
  • Cllr Dargie had inspected the drain at Kinneff that is not taking water and reported that modifications are needed  to direct water in to it.
  • Mark Skilling had requested clarification on some of the minuted roads issues;
  1. Thriepland – potholes are breaking out all along the road from Thriepland to Little Barras.
  2. Criggie road - marked with white marker already, so presumably is already scheduled.

4) Financial matters

Deposit account - £408.61
Current account - £12.78

5) Dunnottar Woods

Cllr G Carr reported that felling to thin out the woods is now taking place.

A letter from Alan Craig requesting support for the formation of the “Dunnottar Bodgers Group” was discussed. The group would carry out individual and community based projects such as woodland workshops in association with local schools and the Forestry Commission. Cllr J Carr commented that this is exactly the sort of initiative that we should encourage. Cllr Hall agreed, and expressed the wish the Catterline and Kinneff schools would be included in any future schools based projects.

6) Planning

Planning Applications

Mr P TenchWest Gallaton, Stonehaven

Full Planning Permission for Conversion of Steading to form Three Residential Units and One Business Unit (30 sqm)


Royal Society For The Protection Of BirdsLand to North of Nether Cowieswells

Advertisement Consent for Erection of Signage


Mr & Mrs A MacKenzieThe Rectory, Catterline

Listed Building Consent for Extension to Dwellinghouse


Mr & Mrs A MacKenzie
The Rectory, Catterline

Full Planning Permission for Extension to Dwellinghouse


Mr & Mrs McLellan
2 Overton, Kinneff

Reserved Matters Application for Erection of Dwellinghouse


Building Warrants

Alexander Adamson Ltd
Plot 4, Hillhead, Glasslaw
Internal alteration to layout of dwelling house

The Community Council examined the proposed elevations of the planned alterations to The Rectory, Catterline. Reservations were expressed about;


  1. The scale, design and the materials to be used in the extension, which do not seem to be in keeping with either the local vernacular or the existing building.
  2. Loss of privacy for the residents of the Old School House.

There were no comments made on the remaining applications

7) Roads

  • Cllr Masson expressed concern about the position of the strainer post on the inside of the corner between Coronation Cottage and Mains of Catterline. Over time the road has been “cut” by traffic, with the result that there is now a risk that it will be hit by and damaged, possibly resulting in an escape of animals from the field.  She requested and inspection with a view to giving the strainer post some protection, perhaps by putting a kerb on the inside of the corner.
  • A recent accident at Den of Catterline has destroyed the gate and some of the fencing. This is a common place for accidents, and Cllr Masson asked that it be inspected again and consideration given to the placing of barriers on this dangerous bend to prevent vehicles that leave the road from falling into the waterfall pool on Catterline Burn.

8) Correspondence

  • East Grampian Coastal Partnership – Spring Newsletter and leaflet : Whale and dolphin watching in the Grampian Region
  • Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee – Minutes and agenda
  • Postwatch Scotland – Issue 16
  • Scottish Executive – note re: details of arrangements for St John’s Hill public inquiry.
  • Aberdeenshire Council – Temporary restriction of traffic on Bervie Braes
  • Aberdeenshire Council – Temporary restriction of traffic from Woodcot Brae to Dunnottar Nursery
  • Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee – Minutes and Agenda
  • Aberdeenshire Community Planning Partnership – election of representative for Mearns Local Community Planning Group. CKDCC decided to vote for John Hopkins.
  • Aberdeenshire Council – update on roads and request for clarification.
  • Aberdeenshire Council – request from Cllr Paul Melling (new chair for KMAC) for invitation to attend on of our meetings.
  • Aberdeenshire Council – Core Paths Plan – Request to identify core paths within Roadside of Kinneff and Catterline.
  • Aberdeenshire Council – Review of library opening hours.
  • Scottish Executive – Notes of pre-inquiry meeting

9) Any Other Business

  • Cllr G Carr reported on Aberdeenshire Council’s policy on travellers and unauthorised camping. The policy is predominantly one of tolerance, and the police will only act in cases of criminal damage or on complaint from the landowner. He stated that the maximum permitted stay on an unauthorised site is 6 weeks, with no return permitted within 4 weeks.
  • Cllr Agnew reported that the application for 36 houses at Braehead (APP/2006/3114) had been refused because number of houses exceeded the number approved in the local plan (25) and because they would have a detrimental impact on the Stonehaven skyline.
  • Cllr J Carr congratulated the Gala Committee on this year’s Catterline Gala, which he said had grown in recent years into an event that exceeded all expectations for a community the size of Catterline. He encouraged the Gala Committee to publish news of the money raised and beneficiaries of those funds. Cllr Hall thanked Cllr Carr on behalf of the Gala Committee and promised to put details of the proceeds on the Catterline web site when the final accounts are available.

10) Date of  Next Meeting

25th September 2007