Minute of Meeting held on Tuesday 25 Sept 2007

Present    Cllrs A.Masson, J.Marshall, A.Watt, S.Hall
Attending    Cllrs G.Carr, W.Agnew
Meeting chaired by    Cllr I Duncan

Before the meeting started, Ian Duncan paid tribute to Cllr Edwin Booth, who passed away after a short illness on 16th September. Our thoughts are with Anne, Edwin and Gregor.

1) Apologies

J.Carr, W.Dargie, J.Dick

2) Minutes of last meeting

Approved W.Agnew and J.Marshall

3) Matters arising from minutes

  • Willie Munro has written to confirm that there is no question of Community Council boundaries being realigned without the agreement of all Community Councils involved. However, Cllr G Carr reported that the Scottish Executive are considering the effect of the introduction of multi member wards and the issue of boundary realignment may return.
  • Cllr Carr had written to Mark Skilling regarding the possibility of placing of barriers on the A92 at Denhead of Catterline. A reply is expected soon.

4) Financial matters

Admin grant of £475.00 has been received.
Scottish Rights of Way fees paid - £18.00.

5) Dunnottar Woods

  • Cllr Carr reported that there will be a meeting of the Dunnottar Woods Association next week.
  • Cllr Agnew reported travellers camping by the Glasslaw bridge earlier this month had been moved on.

6) Planning

Planning Applications

  • 2007-08-30    Mr G Duncan    Kriek House Mill Of Uras, Stonehaven    Full Planning Permission for Erection of Boat Shed    APP/2007/3463

Concern was expressed that the size and materials used should be in keeping with the surrounding buildings, although since there were no plans available at the meeting for reference no comment could be made. There has been no comment made to the Community Council by local residents. Cllr Hall will canvas opinion at Mill of Uras.

  • 2007-08-28    W G Henderson    Land to North East of Nether Toucks, Stonehaven    Full Planning Permission for Erection of Agricultural Building    APP/2007/3439

No comment

  • 2007-08-23    St Phillip's Church    St Phillip's Church, Catterline    Listed Building Consent for Removal of Disused Chimney    APP/2007/3407

No comment

  • 2007-08-23    Mr Edward Sinclair    Plot 1, Hillhead of Glasslaw, Stonehaven    Full Planning Permission for Erection of Detached Double Garage    APP/2007/3379
With no plans available at the meeting, the Community Council were unclear which plot this refers to.
  • 2007-08-10    Mr L Souter    Land North East Of Cloak, Catterline    Full Planning Permission for Erection of Dwellinghouse    APP/2007/3215

There has been no comment made to the Community Council by local residents. However, concern was expressed by neighbours when plans were submitted for this location previously. The plans are for a relatively modest single story house which is in keeping with the area and is the kind of development that the Community Council would like to encourage. Cllr Hall will canvas local residents for their views.

  • 2007-08-02    Mr and Mrs T Weir    Ashmore, Kinneff    Full Planning Permission for Alterations and Extension to Dwellinghouse (Sun Lounge)    APP/2007/3003

No comment

  • 2007-07-25    G F Bisset (Inverbervie) Ltd    East Mains of Barras, Stonehaven    Full Planning Permission for Conversion of Steading to form Three Residential Units and Erection of Business Unit/Garage    APP/2007/2928
No comment
  • 2007-07-25    Mr A Still    46 Braehead Crescent, Stonehaven    Full Planning Permission for Alterations and Extension to Dwellinghouse    APP/2007/2709

No comment

Building Warrants

Mr Mrs Arter  Bellfield Croft, Kinneff, Inverbervie    Alterations and extension KM/BW/2007/3908/

St John’s Hill – erection of 9 wind turbines

Appeal to commence at 10.00 on 1st Oct in Kinneff Hall.

Clochnahill – erection of 4 wind turbines

Refusal of this application is to be appealed.

Hawkhill, Catterline

Letter from Stuart Carrie (Development Control Manager) confirming that the plans currently show on the planning web site are correct and that the new chimney does not have the benefit of planning permission. The Planning Inspector will contact the developer, and it is likely that an application for retrospective permission will be lodged in due course.

7) Roads

  • Lampool/Criggie/Lumgair junction (OS 844824) has been temporarily repaired, but the repairs have failed and it still bad.
  • Muirton of Barras unadopted roads. Andrea Ronald has written to the Community Council seeking advice on what needs to be done to get the road adopted. Cllrs Carr and Agnew will liase with residents to find way forward.
  • “Keep Clear” markings at Catterline Pier have been repainted.
  • The possibility of a “Keep Left” sign at Dunnottar Castle junction at A92 and a similar sign at the Dunnottar Castle car park is being explored.
  • The second corner travelling north (approx 50m from Y junction) from Chapel of Barras and to West Mains of Barras is considered blind and narrow. There appears to be sufficient land to the west of the corner to widen the road and allow safe passing.

8) Correspondence


  • Andrea Ronald re : Muirton of Barras unadopted road. email
  • Community Beat Officer – August crime bulletin. email
  • Aberdeenshire Council - Agenda and papers for the next K&M Community Council Forum
  • Invitation - K & D Voice AGM 1st October
  • Invitation to Chair Meeting of K & M CC Forum
  • Briefing note from CP Executive
  • Minutes of KMAP committee meeting 30th August
  • Delegated Planning Applications List for K&M - July 2007
  • Scottish Executive Review – What can we do to help Community Council ’s Fulfil their Role?
  • Delegated Planning Consents for April, May, June and August 2007
  • Forestry Commission Scotland - Aberdeenshire Newsletter  - August/ September News
  • Community Council Representation on K & M Community Planning Group – John Hopkins (Crathes, Drumoak and Durris Community Council) elected
  • Invitation to Mearns FM on Tuesday 28th August at 7.30pm
  • Request for mandate from Robin Blyth - Representative on the Aberdeenshire Community Planning Board
  • Encampment Assessment - Glasslaw Bridge, Dunnottar
  • Encampment Assessment - Catterline (South)
  • Kincardine & Mearns Community Safety Group – request for our Community Safety Representative and invitation to attend a presentation on and practical demonstration by the Fire & Rescue and Police highlighting highlighting road safety
  • Forestry Commission - Aberdeen Treefest roadshow
  • Encampment Assessment - Catterline (South) - 03.07.07
  • Encampment Assessment - Catterline (North) - 03.07.07
  • Association of Scottish Community Councils  - Area Representative Nomination forms
  • Minutes of CC Forum - 31 05 07


  • Aberdeenshire Community Planning Partnership – Annual Report
  • Planning Aid for Scotland – Reach Out questionnaire.
  • NHS Grampian  - Grampian Health Plan 07/08
  • Aberdeenshire Council – plants for community projects
  • Aberdeenshire Council – Housing Strategy Bulletin
  • KMAC Agenda 18 Sept 07
  • KMAC Minute 28 Aug 07
  • KMAC Agenda 31 July 07
  • KMAC Minutes 26 Jun 07
  • Aberdeenshire Council – Eligibility for Community Care
  • Aberdeenshire Council – LEADER in Rural Aberdeenshire Questionnaire
  • KMAC Agenda 28 Aug 07
  • KMAC Minutes 31 Jul 07
  • Aberdeenshire Council – Invitation to K&M Area Bus Forum Meeting – 13 Sept
  • Scottish Executive – St John’s Hill appeal to commence at 10.00 on 1 Oct in Kinneff Hall
  • Aberdeenshire Council – Schedule of insurance cover
  • Aberdeenshire Council – CC Boundaries
  • Aberdeenshire Council – Roads
  • Aberdeenshire Council – Catterline Playing Fields
  • Aberdeenshire Council – Chimney at Hawkhill
  • Robert Smith MP – Summer Tour
  • Aberdeenshire Council – Policy and Procedures for Managing Unauthorised Gypsy/Traveller Encampments
  • Aberdeenshire Council – Draft licensing policies
  • KMAC information Bulletin
9) Any Other Business
  • Now that it has been decomissioned and the light mechanism removed, the future of Todhead Lighthouse was discussed. It seems likely that Northern Lighthouse Board will put the property on the market in due course. The possibility of acquiring it for the community was discussed, although no clear objective was identified. Nonetheless there does seem to be some general support for the idea within the community. Cllr Hall to canvas local thoughts on keeping it within the community.
  • Street light behind school at end of path from the Creel Inn is not working.
  • A rubbish bin by the recycling point has been requested. There is a bin, but it is at the other end of the laybye, with the result that people using the recycling point tend to leave plastic bags etc by the recycling bins. It was felt that having a rubbish bin easily to hand would help reduce this.
  • Possible candidates to fill the currently vacant Dunnottar and Kinneff seats on the Community Council were discussed. The constitution permits casual vacancies to be filled by co-option if necessary. Jim Burnett (Kinneff) has expressed an interest, and Cllr Duncan will approach him to see if he is still willing.
  • Landscape services have plants available for community projects. Application form will be passed on to the Catterline School Gardening Club, and Kinneff School will be informed.
  • Catterline Playing Field – Landscape Services have said that benches to be replaced with new ones made of recycled plastic, and fence to be repaired/replaced with part of the work being done this financial year and the remainder in 2008/9.

10) Date of  Next Meeting

Tue 30 Oct 2007