Minute of Meeting held on Tuesday 27 November 2007

Road safety was in the spotlight this month as we considered the refusal by Aberdeenshire Council to install a barrier on the A92 at Denhead of Catterline, a decision which was met with some disappointment by the Community Council. A detailed report listed the lack of reported accidents, the failure to meet any of the criteria for installing barriers and the significant cost of dealing with installed BT services as factors involved in reaching the conclusion. However, the report seemed to focus on the bridge at Mill of Uras and the section of road running to the corner at Denhead and failed to mention the gorge and plunge pool of the waterfalls at Denhead of Catterline, the top of which is some 5 or 6 metres from the road.

We will be writing in reply to express our concerns and ask that the decision be reconsidered in the light of local knowledge that there have been 11 accidents there since 2001. In one year alone there were 7 accidents, 2 of which were fatal. 

Meanwhile - still on road safety - following the concerns voiced last month regarding the speed of traffic travelling through Roadside of Kinneff, there had been three accidents there in the last month. Geroge Carr reported that a new national policy would be for the speed limit in all villages to be 30mph, and we are hopeful that Kinneff will fall within the definition of a village for this purpose.

Finally - the Community Council heard that the appeal into the St John's Hill Wind Farm had been upheld. The Public Inquiry into the Clochnahill Wind Farm will go ahead as planned next month despite the withdrawal of the objections made by BAA and Aberdeenshire Council.

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